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Other Photography

Welcome to the Urban Lake Photograph portfolio for OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY. Please click on an image below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

So this is where we add images that don't really fit any of our other portfolio sections. Sometimes images just don't want to pigeonholed into other places.

So What will you find here?

There are currently three galleries covering Fireworks Photography, Street Photography, and Interesting Scenes photography. More details on each below the galleries.

Fireworks Photography

This speaks for itself I guess, but this gallery is the place to find my photographs of Fireworks. They are taken at different times and locations, but all are stunning, sparkling lights in the sky (there was even a bang when they went off but I can't prove that).

Who doesn't love a firework? We hope you like them.

Street Photography

I don't do much street photography, I find it takes someone with a very different level of confidence than I possess to get into someone elses space like that (although I do find it a fascinating genre). However occasionally I capture an image that is worthy of publicising.

Please take a look.

Interesting Scenes Photography

Interesting Scenes is where my other, other photography resides. They are, as the name suggests, interesting scenes, but not ones that fit other genres or categories. These are things like Umbrellas lining the street, or a train station with the train rushing through.

Pop over and see them, and let me know your thoughts.

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