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About Me

Ashley Beolens
Me and the Pup

I’m Ashley Beolens, a nature, wildlife, and fine art photographer from Milton Keynes.

I’ve been a fan of photography for many years. Taking wildlife and nature images for over 2 decades, with a penchant for birds mainly. My landscape photography work has only started in the last few years, which is why there are less. And my Fine Art photography work, is ongoing. (Current projects are not on the website, as they are a work in progress. I will update when I have each project completed and ready to go live).

My love of photography started at school, but any progress was kind of stifled by a photography teacher in 6th form; who seemed obsessed with one persons work at the expense of the rest of us. I did however learn to use a darkroom. I picked it up again in my adult life when, after failing to be able to draw or paint the birds I was watching, I picked up my first digital camera and started “digiscoping”.

I’ve come a long way since those early days. But it has only been since September 2019 that my confidence in my work has allowed my to move into selling my work. I will only post for sale photos that I am confident in, this doesn’t mean perfect, as sometimes it is about the event rather than the sharpness.

I sell here (of course) and on Etsy, but have found I really enjoy face to face selling (something that would surprise many people as I am an introvert by nature). This means I am often found at craft fairs, markets and the like at weekends – the events page will tell you if there is an upcoming markets. Or sign up for the newsletter below to hear about upcoming events, new products, competitions, and more.

Photography Styles

The Bulk of the images you will find on Urban Lake Photography are my Wildlife images, be it Birds, Insects, or Mammals. But I have more and more Landscape photos coming. And have recently found I quite enjoy Cityscapes, and Astro photography (although there is a huge learning curve for me here).

Insect photography (Macro) is a passion of mine, but I do not have, currently, much that would be classed as “wall worthy” to most. My moth photos are stunning, but not many people like moths.

New images are always being added so make sure you bookmark and come back often, or sign up to our newsletter (above) or social media pages.

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