Insect Photography



Insect Photography

Welcome to the Urban Lake Photograph portfolio for INSECT PHOTOGRAPHY. Please click on an image below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

We have chosen to split the insect photography pages into six distinct categories: Butterflies; Moths; Dragonflies; Beetles; Hoverflies; and Bees, wasps, and flies.


Insects are fascinating creatures, there are millions of them for one, but often they are overlooked, except but enthusiasts.

I have been photographing Butterflies and snapping dragonflies for years, my goal to try to capture in photos, the full species list found locally to me (Milton Keynes), so you will find plenty of those in the galleries.

But in many ways it is my Moth photography that I find most special.

Why I can hear you ask, moths are just those dull grey things that fly at lights, at night?

And that is the reason, because that statement is just wrong. Moths can be stunning, truly stunning, even more than butterflies at times. There are moths with golden markings like the Burnished brass; Huge green and pink moths, like the Elephant Hawk moth; creatures with skulls, like the Deaths Head Hawkmoth (fans of Silence of the lambs will know this one). You have tiny, millimeter long ones, like leafminers, or huge ones like the Atlas Moth (not a UK species) that is bigger than your hand. The range and diversity is amazing.

Check out the gallery if you don't believe me!

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