Welcome to the Urban Lake Photograph portfolio page for KINGFISHERS and their allies. Please click on an images below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

About the Bird

The fisher King is often the brightest bird we see along our rivers and lakes, this is especially true in the UK where the Common Kingfisher is our native bird. Although the stunning Blue and Orange bird is not the only one to have been recorded in the UK, other species have been seen from as far away as Africa (Pied) and the United States (Belted).

This is the page on Urban Lake Photography where you will find links to all the Kingfisher and their allies that I have photographed (so far there is just one species here sadly).

If you are interested in photography yourself you can read about How to Photograph this enigmatic bird over on my blog Views From an Urban Lake - How to Photograph Kingfishers. Just remember they are a protected species and nest sites should not be approached. 

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