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Wild Animal Photography Portfolio

Welcome to the Urban Lake Photograph portfolio for WILD ANIMALS. Please click on an image below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

All photographs are of animals are captured in a wild (or semi wild) state. And are the copyright of Ashley Beolens. They are photographed anywhere in the world, but each mammal portfolio gallery states the country or location. Reptile and Amphibian galleries do not mention locations.

Images are of Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians. For Birds please visit the Birds Portfolio

Mammal Photography

Reptile & Amphibian Photography

Wild or Semi Wild

Full disclosure, when we say wild or Semi wild this is our definition of both types. No deception is intended in either claim.

Wild animals are photographed roaming free all over the UK and beyond. They are free to go as and where they wish, and are not sustained by people. These include Rabbits, Squirrel, Foxes etc.

Semi Wild animals include animals such as Deer or "wild" ponies. They are animals that while allowed to live, and roam wild they are either of captive stock, or in very large enclosures where they live as wild. They may be fed at certain times, depending on circumstances. But are neither pets nor farm animals.


Care was taken to avoid disturbance of all animals photographed on these pages. At Urban Lake Photography we do our best to not harm animals or cause them any unnecessary stress.

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