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Captive Animals Portfolio

Welcome to the Urban Lake Photograph portfolio for CAPTIVE ANIMALS. Please click on an image below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

Captive animals provide a great educational tool, especially for kids, (when bred in cativity - we don't support taking from the wild in most cases) as well as helping to aid conservation. Groups like ZSL do some amazing work here. They also allow us, as photographers, the chance to get close to many species we would otherwise not have the chance; And practice our photographic skills for when we get the oportunity in the wild.

The images on these portfolio pages are NOT for sale, as we did not have a license to photograph them at the time. But please enjoy looking at them.

Zebra Eye - Found in Animal Photography

Zoos and Parks

Our Captive Animals images are captured in Zoos such as London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo, or wildlife parks like Tropicquaria, Woburn etc. and beyond. We take these photos for the love of the hobby, rather than for profit or sale.

If any of the parks or Zoos, listed, would like to use them, please get in touch, we are happy to help. Although we are happy to offer them free, credit on site would be appreciated if you do wish to use them. Email us or DM us on our social media.

Oh and we can't work out why the Whipsnade Zoo button is off either! Any tech guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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