Animal Photography



Animal Photography

Welcome to the Urban Lake Photography portfolio for ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Please click on an image below to open the gallery (galleries open in a new tab).

Our Animal photography pages have been broken down into three categories for ease of finding the prefect picture for you. Wild Animal Photography - Opens another page with country specific galleries. Farm Animal Photography - Opens direct to our Farm animal gallery. Captive Animal Photography - Opens a new page with location specific galleries (e.g London Zoo).

Animal Photos

While Animals is not our biggest gallery section, it is a growing collection of images, that I hope you enjoy.

The three basic categories are Wild Animals, which is animals that live as wild (so does included a few animals in parks, that are semi wild). Farm animals, sheep, cattle and the likes; and Captive animals which is photography in Zoos and the likes.

While I would prefer to exclusively photograph all the animals on these pages in the wild, in their natural habitat, there is a lot to be said for the conservation work places like London Zoo do. So I, personally, think it is OK to be afforded the opportunity to shoot the more exotic in these areas, and it is still a pleasure to take the photos and show them here.

We are constantly adding more images to our collections, so please visit again, or better yet sign up to our (infrequent) newsletter to be kept up to date of new images and events.

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